Brilliant Brands Deserve Brilliant Packaging – Pharmaceutical Edition

Brilliant Brands Deserve Brilliant Packaging – Pharmaceutical Edition

Medicine, be it for something generic like a pill for a headache or for something as serious as cancer,
goes through a lot of procedure from when it starts getting manufactured till it gets to the customer’s
hands. It is the category that requires the utmost care when dealing with its manufacturing and

Before the pharmaceutical industry got organized, medicines were transported in big containers to the
doctors and were mostly provided directly by the doctors themselves to the patients. Over a period, a
need emerged to upgrade the safety and prevent contamination of the products and zilch the margin of
error. This gave rise to the packaging industry as medicine started traveling around the world.

Packaging is not just the technology of enclosing medicines for storage and distribution but it is also the
designing, evaluating, and providing ample stability to the product so that it withstands the various
conditions it goes through. With growing competition between companies to establish themselves as
market leaders for their specialized segments, it has become imperative to focus on different means to
attract consumers.

Genius is taking rapid steps towards making a mark of its own in the pharmaceuticals’ secondary and
tertiary packaging industry. At Genius, one will find that special attention has been given to each and
every aspect be it the conceptualizing or protecting the material from spoilage, breakage, leakage, etc.
Being experienced market players in the packaging and boxing industry, little things like convenience in
opening the box, or making sure the information written on the package is clearly legible are also not
gone unnoticed. Customer satisfaction has been the ultimate motto ever since the company was
established and it continues to be the primary driving force.

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