Multiple ways to use 5 subject notebooks

Multiple ways to use 5 subject notebooks

Have you ever thought that a notebook can be used for more than just writing down notes? There are multiple ways to use simple yet very useful 5 subject notebooks. 

You must be thinking how a simple 5 subject notebook can be used apart from jotting down notes, but it can. It is more than you think and it is pretty simple.

Ways to use 5 subject notebooks.

  • As a single notebook for multiple subjects:

You can use 5 subject notebooks to keep your all subject notes at one place. Divide the subjects according to the colour section and organize your notes and make learning easy. 

It will lessen the burden to carry and maintain different notebooks for different subjects. 

  • As a Work organizer:

It is difficult to keep track of all clients when all of them are not recorded in one book. Use these notebooks to write down every important thing about every client in one place. Give your clients different colour sections and carry just one notebook to your every meeting. Easy to carry, easy to organize.

  • As a Diary:

           All of our days are different, moods are different. Imagine having a diary for every mood!

           Use these notebooks as a mood tracker. Dedicate different sections to different moods,  and keep a track of your mood by writing daily. Had a happy mood today? Pen it down in the happy section. Had a bad day? Make yourself feel better by penning it down in that section. 

Be your own mood changer.

  • Photo Journal.

Always wanted to make a photo journal of your travel diaries but never had a perfect diary for it? Then this is what you need. Make your travel memories more colourful by making this simple yet colourful notebook your photo journal. Different colour for a different culture.

Be creative with simple things. 

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