Make the most out of Memo

Make the most out of Memo

Who said that memo notes are just for taking down notes? There are a lot more uses of memo than that. In this world of multitasking, we quite often miss out on some important tasks as we are preoccupied with so many things. This is where memo comes into action and makes your work simple and effortless. 

Let’s discuss some of the ways on how memo can be of great use: 

1) Bookmarks: Memos are perfect to use as bookmarks. The pages can be easily located which reduces the effort and saves time to find that particular page. It also makes the work look organized and the sticky part doesn’t damage the pages of the book. 

2) Brainstorm ideas: Brainstorming is a very important technique in any field to give your creativity the right direction. It helps you to come up with new ideas and develop solutions to the required problems. Use colourful memos on a wall or any large surface and jot down your ideas, this will help in generating new ideas and concepts. 

3) To-do list: If you have a huge list of tasks and it becomes difficult to remember each and every task, memos are just perfect for you! Keep writing your to-dos and put it at a prominent place where it frequently reminds you of your tasks. Also when the task is done, scrape off the memo or put a tick mark beside it. The feeling of accomplishing the tasks will give you immense pleasure and motivate you to complete other tasks. 

4) Food Labels: Memos make it easy to identify what’s inside the container which prevents you from inventing your own dish with the wrong ingredients. Do not label everything that becomes a little over the top. Only label the foods which are confusing and can be mistaken for something else. 

5) Origami: Memos can also be of great fun when it comes to origami. Create different designs and shapes using your own creativity. This relaxes your mind and also acts as a stress buster. 

The beauty of memo is that they are so easy to use and can be used for so many different purposes. Next time when you buy memos make sure you use it to its fullest!

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