Valentine’s Day – Affordable Ideas

Valentine’s Day – Affordable Ideas

Celebrating Valentine’s Day amidst pandemic will be different this time. While there are lots of way to spend on this day lavishly, here we list few of the Genius ways to do the other way around.

1.In this era where the whole world is living online, writing handmade love letters is special in its own way. Writing a letter with all the qualities that you like about your loved ones would surely make them feel appreciated.

2. It is said that “Food is a way to man’s heart”, well that goes for women as well! Cook your loved ones their favorite dish & they would admire the efforts you have made for it. For better, you can also try cooking together!

3.Restaurants & Cafes on this particular day are generally brimming full with advance booking, instead you can go on for a walk together on the beach or peaceful place or on a drive together singing best of your favorite songs.

4.With Covid19 everywhere, it is imperative to remain indoors. One can always arrange Indoor Picnic which includes watching their favorite movie on laptop, playing indoor games/ Xbox/ PlayStation or encompass other such activity according to their interest followed by online ordered dinner.

5.List out the things which you both would like to do together and fulfill your bucket list.

6.Give a hand in their errands, helping anyone in their share of work is a kind way to show that you care for them.

7.Pamper them & make them feel special with anything they like – from painting her nail paints to massaging him hair oil.

8.If you plan to gift your loved ones, always try to bestow them with essential things which they may need in their day-to-day life. For example, from a simple belt for your boyfriend to a basic purse for your girlfriend. Anything that they use in their daily routine.

9.You can also try to make hand-made customized gifts, with lots of tutorials floating online it would save your pocket from exorbitant presents.

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