Things to write in your DIARY/JOURNAL!

Things to write in your DIARY/JOURNAL!

It may appear to be impossible, however living through a worldwide pandemic is an adept opportunity to start, or re-touch off your composing practice. Setting aside some effort to communicate your contemplations, thoughts & impressions through composing can help you tune into one own opinion and feeling, which is a fundamental piece of self-care.

Let’s find out few things that you can write during this pandemic in your Diary/Journal.

Gratitude Journal

Counting your blessings is an activity that is proven to enhance one’s outlook on life. According to Psychological research, practicing gratitude is emphatically & reliably connected with more noteworthy bliss. It assists individuals to relish great encounters, improve their well-being, manage affliction and fabricate solid connections.

An outlet for handling hard times

There are days when your BEST FRIEND is unavailable due to some reason and you want to rant about your bad day and your side of story. All you need is to pour your heart out and well guess, whom can you rely on in such situation!

Track of Elements

Writing things down helps you record everything that has your attention from list of tasks assigned at your work place to running your daily errands, thereby eliminating to miss out on anything important.


Handwritten recipes are more heartfelt than keeping a recipe typed on a computer or saving it online. Jot down hereditary recipes from your grandfather’s Biryani to your mother’s staple rajma-chawal the taste of which most affluent restaurants can only dream to match!

Insightful quotes

Persuasive statements give us a snappy and convenient eruption of intelligence to get our concentration back, offering the motivation required for the afternoon or event. Regularly a statement can offer motivation for the week, and rouse us when our typical inspiration has slipped by.


A diary is a decent spot to compose your objectives, desire, yearnings and fresh new goals. By keeping them in a journal, you can screen your advancement.  For your dreams to be more than just staying between you and your pillow, the step to take it to another level is to write them down gets you one step closer to devising a plan to get to where you want to be. Getting them together is the first part.

Username and passwords

Alright, not everything in your journal is sensitive, per say. Consider the number of usernames and passwords you have in your life. You need a private spot where you can allude or just hint back to every one of them.

Writing things down is an easy yet effective way to be productive
and deal with day-to-day overwhelm. Reap the benefits of having
visible reminders, clear thought processes, emotional stability &
even a grateful heart simply by using an old-fashioned pen & paper. 


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