Brilliant Brands Deserves Brilliant Packaging – Liquor Edition

Brilliant Brands Deserves Brilliant Packaging – Liquor Edition

Packaging of Liquor beverages plays a prominent role as the global consumption of alcohol is a 6.4 liters per person (above 15 years) and total unaccounted consumption is of 26% worldwide. Strategically, the packaging is vital in attracting consumers as it needs to: –

  • Secure the product
  • Maintain the quality for utilization
  • Consumer convenience
  • Labelling of Product

While there are several alcoholic beverages like Vodka, Whiskey, Brandy, Vermouth, Cognac, Beer, Port wine, Rum & various others that are being consumed on an enormous scale, lets delve into understanding the prominence of packaging of few them.


Champagne is the encapsulation of extravagance, which is the reason it’s critical to use packaging to hoist the item inside.

Take a stab at using interesting substrates with particular illustrations included on the packaging. Evaluating fascinating substrates can raise the luxurious feel of the packaging. One can even fuse leatherette or velvet surfaces into the inside of your packaging or pick a surprising tone to differentiate your Brand from the many other champagne-based shading ranges.


An amazing path for tequila brands to stand apart is to utilize surface, foils, and more components in their optional packaging to improve the tactile experience. Going past press impacts can help associate with buyers. Delicate coating joined with vertical grains can make a finished vibe that makes packaging stand out.


With vodka, packaging ought to underline virtue. Individuals prefer top notch vodka that is known for its unadulterated and smooth taste. Packaging can be in delicate shades which makes a point to completely exhibit the item. A fascinating method to do this is by utilizing custom collapsing containers that join windows to show the item can be used.


Packaging for Whiskey may emphasize the rich caramel shade of the alcohol. This should be possible by consolidating novel symbolism with various embossing techniques incorporating silver and gold foils making the embossed logo of brand stand out.


Wine brands can make a niche for themselves by creating unique packaging. Innovative packaging is the key to make your wine stand out from ample of brands anywhere. One can also display the history and class of wine as well as label shop to emphasize your packaging special.

At GENIUS – we adhere to all the mentioned aspects and efficiently provide unique and customized packaging solutions.

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