Now, when the whole world is facing difficult times, it is easier for us to get distracted and have negative thoughts. 

But, let’s think. If someone were to ask you what you’re grateful for in the present moment, would you have an answer ready to go? When you are criticising the world leaders or this pandemic for your slow lives, wait and take a moment to recall all the small moments this time is gifting you.  

And don’t just stop here. 

Make this as your habit. This simple habit of reflecting on what you’re grateful for can actually lead to a happier, more content life and all it takes is a few moments of your time and a gratitude journal to record your thoughts. 

Yes, when you will first start maintaining the journal, you will find it difficult because they are not unlike the diary you kept as a teenager where you wrote random thoughts. Rather you have to write about the things you’re grateful for—big or small.

Tips to maintain gratitude journal –

  • The easiest way to maintain a gratitude journal is by making it a habit. Make sure you set aside time for writing from your daily schedules.
  • It is not about what you write and more about what you feel. So, be honest with yourself.
  • It is okay to write about the simplest of things like the flower that bloomed in your garden today or the political conversation you had with your father. Don’t hesitate.
  • Go for depth than adding many in the list. Write as much details as you remember. 
  • Try subtraction and not just addition. From time and again reflect on your blessings.
  • Add and make a note of surprising and unexpected moments because they tend to elicit stronger levels of gratitude.
  • Initially, it’s okay if you don’t journal daily. Write twice or thrice per week to make a habit.
  • Don’t put the same things everyday.
  • Experiment and be creative.

Don’t give up or dismiss it in a few days saying that it is not working. Give it a fair chance and be patient and then see how you feel. 

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