There was a time when the only purpose of the food packaging was to contain the product and to keep it safe and fresh from the environment, as well as making the product easy to carry, distribute and merchandise. But, with time the role of packaging has evolved from ‘just being there’ to ‘being the important aspect of brand trust and product quality’ – Packaging has come a long way!

Fresher, faster, tastier 

Undergoing a rapid change, packaging for the FMCG industry has become a vital source of revival of a stable yet developing sector. As the new products and categories are introduced in the market for consumers’ demand of fresher and tastier options, packaging has become a link connecting the developers and consumers ethically and emotionally. Market research proves that packaging can leverage brand value and create new markets – all this while keeping the food environment-safe and travel-safe. 


At Genius, we believe great things come in custom packages, whether they’re small cartons, large printed shipping boxes, or anything in between. With a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, Genius is a tool to create something trustworthy and exciting on the outside which can help you maintain the excitement of your customers about what’s on the inside.

Through our custom creative ideas, practical approach, design lab, and instant quote, we not only give you the freedom to express your brand and develop the market, but we also help you do it efficiently. With the finest materials and the most precise layout process, putting your box together is a smooth and easy task.

Genius is one of India’s leading paper stationery and packaging manufacturers, converting over 15000 tonnes of paper and board each year. With a vast horizon of products being offered, Genius has years of industry experience coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing units to evolve with ever-changing trends. Genius serves everybody – from small scale bakers to carmakers. Whether it is simple packaging boxes for home bakers, exquisite wedding cards, intricate boxes for jewellery, classy covers for liquor manufacturers, or paper stationery for the mobile phone and automobile industry, Genius has strategically established itself as a one-stop solution provider.

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